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First Lieutenant. I have managed to get the system to show and read out my emails but I can't get it to show my text messages.

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Can anyone help? I have an iphone 5c and I don't have Enhanced Bluetooth. There is no option on the phone under the bluetooth menu to show notifications for the BMW. Appreciate 0. I think I read somewhere on bmw's webpage that you needed enhanced Bluetooth to show text messages. That is why I ordered it. Originally Posted by Chuckyarla. Last edited by babaikram; at AM..

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Thank you very much. I shall try those options. Sorry to hijack the thread but I can't post new threads yet So just got my G30 and for the life of me can't get my Galaxy S7 to give me SMS, emails, or anything else than phone calls really. I don't even see the option anywhere in iDrive, like the phone isn't even connected.

Yet I can make and receive calls fine, and my phone seems properly connected. Emails never worked in my previous F30, but text messages did work fine. I can't fathom this is impossible to do in ANY car in , let alone a 5-series Major General. You need to configure phone in setting to display. If not equipped, you can also code in office functions. Find More Posts by Almaretto. Originally Posted by pixlplague. This thread has prompted me to try and get this going on my car. I have a Iphone 5s with IOS 10 and also have enhanced bluetooth.

On my previous F10 before I upgraded to a Iphone 5s and had a Iphone 4 it got it to work so if there was an incoming text message, tehre would be an envelope icon on teh sat nav map so you knew you had a SMS waitig for you. So interesting to see if the G30 can replicate this or make it even better. I recall I had to set the phone up in a certian way as regards notifications and it had to be locked as well.

Originally Posted by AP. Attached Images. Originally Posted by Almaretto. Originally Posted by BarlasaM. Last edited by pixlplague; at AM.. Thanks guys I'll try that. I do have a question though: what exactly is Enhanced BT? I don't remember seeing that anywhere in options when I bought my car. Are we talking about the "Cell phone package" that includes CarPlay and wireless charging pad? Because I don't see any mention of the bluetooth being any different in my documentation. I've read the package files for the US and it seems we got quite a bit less options in Canada, or at the very least they are not packaged the same.

That option was the only one I didn't get because they are running out of stock and can't order new ones anymore. I know I can probably code it in but I'm not very familiar with coding so Part of my problem is right there: it doesn't show up in office!

Would you have a good resource to recommend to code? I'm pretty computer and tech savvy, but have never done any coding on cars and what I've found is That's what has me worried right now: it asks for phone book, but not message access It really seems the common thread is this Enhanced Bluetooth. This leads me to a question though: what exactly is Enhanced BT? Sorry to dig this thread out of the grave but thought it would be better than making a new one.

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If so it seems like this feature is not so great after all. I see a "reply" button when viewing a text message but it is grayed out and all searches on google leads me to believe you cannot reply to the text message. Thanks for confirming! You should receive a notification that looks like a small envelope in the upper right corner of the screen next to the time display but there is no sound.

You need to notice it. If you have an iPhone you should be able to hold the voice button on the steering wheel to bring up Siri. Hold longer than bringing up the BMW voice command button - you'll hear the standard Siri sound. From there, just use normal Siri functions - e. I don't have an Android phone so don't know if there is comparable functionality offered with an Android phone.

Try these steps in order: 1. Delete your iPhone from iDrive.

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Read text messages bmw - Read text messages on samsung galaxy s5

Forget BMW device from iPhone 3. Re-pair iPhone to iDrive 4. At your iPhone, select "Show Notifications" by pressing the circled "i" to the right of the BMW connected pairing under Bluetooth connections. Kill email and text apps 6. I tried all of this without any luck.

Once I plugged mine in to the USB port to charge it and play music it finally started working. Got in the car the next day without plugging in and I received a text on the display. Originally Posted by Donger Kim. Last edited by Marth06; at AM.. Enlisted Member. Now that I have an iPhone and hate every minute of it : Nada.

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    Appreciate 2 cotmfk Quote: Originally Posted by Boostin FD the only way i got my text messages to work is to make sure in the bluetooth setting on the iPhone, you click on the bmw connection and make sure there's a checkmark for bluetooth notifications. Appreciate 0 Quote.