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The location function to find friends has also been highly recommended for younger people, especially at night when you do not want to be walking the streets alone.

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Whether you want to keep track of your child , or even your own phone, this handy app allows you to very discretely track another phone without their knowledge. This is a handy way to keep tabs on your children, especially if you are letting them go out alone for the first time, or they are approaching that hazy stage of puberty; this app can help to monitor their safety.

This is perfect for those paranoid parents who innocently want to make sure their child is safe whenever they are left alone, and best of all it is completely free. So with a stress-free technology that can prevent you from being late to work, allows you to receive notifications to check your children got to school okay and gives you the opportunity to update your social media followers with your latest outdoors adventure, cell phone tracking apps are revolutionary.

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Free mobile trackers can make a significant difference to the quality of your life, and the safety of you and your family. Free mobile trackers are packed with features, and each different tracker phone app has an extra that the other apps might not have.

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Whatever your needs are for tracking, there will be an app that does just what you need. Before, there may not have been any chance at all of recovering an item once it had gone missing, but now you can pinpoint its exact location and target your efforts to that area. And of course, free mobile trackers feature integration with mapping services, which means it is almost impossible to get lost. Cells phones are so commonplace nowadays that it makes free mobile trackers a convenient piece of software for everyone to use.

Another benefit provided by mobile tracking for free is the ability to save time.

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You can clearly see your location, and the destination you are aiming for. Productivity Mac. GPS is great for recovering your device when lost or stolen and navigating while driving with Google Maps. Just download your maps ahead of time! But how about using an Android phone as a GPS tracker?

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Learn more in our overview of Find My Device. Once enabled, all you have to do is launch a web browser, navigate to the Find My Device dashboard , and sign into your Google account the same one associated with your device. Lookout : Lookout is an all-in-one security solution where device tracking is just one of its many features. But if your device currently lacks a good antivirus app, you might as well use this one and kill two birds with one stone.

Its one big advantage is availability across multiple other platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPhone, so you can track ALL of your devices from anywhere.

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Here are the best Android anti-theft apps. Obviously, this is much easier said than done.

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The easiest and most effective option is to use a magnetic car mount. Use the following steps to start tracking your family or company devices. Watch video here. Monitor Location You don't need the mobile app for monitoring location.

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Simply login to this web site in your web browser. Extended history ranged from day to 3-year is available for subscription. Multiple Devices You can track unlimited number of devices in your account. For family tracking, you should use the same account for all your devices. In this way, all your devices are on the same map.

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