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Device change along with platform swapping option is also catered. Price: It offers the various subscription packages mentioned under the multiple product categories. Pros: With all the above mentioned features you can also have the alert for the change of SIM card. In case the target is mysteriously using two SIM cards then you can be known to the fact easily.

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TheOneSpy is a supreme app that is leading in the spy league. Whether the target user is your spouse, children or employee this application inhere the unsurpassed tracking components. It has got the provision to have the single license which can be used for unlimited devices and also the license can be switched to multiple platforms. However the features are nearly same to the prior mentioned apps like keeping the records of text messages, phone call logs, web browser history, multimedia store, real-time locations etc.

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Other than the regular features you can also set up a preferences for uploading the data or to pause and start the application or simply deactivate the app at anytime and from anywhere. Price: This application has four subscription packages to offer their customers. The prime factor is that the features remain the same irrespective of the subscription package you select. It is only the time duration that changes with the package. It has various channels for customer support apart from live chat.

Cons : Physical access is mandatory to first jailbreak and then install the software onto the iPhone.

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Live chat for customer help is not supported. Auto Forward Spy is a usual cell phone tracking software that includes the regular and basic monitoring features within the economical price range. Like other applications a user can get their hands on the fundamental spying components which are tracking the sent and received text messages, records of incoming and outgoing call logs, history of web browser, flipping through the stored pictures and mailbox.

Discovering the whereabouts of the target user and reading their iMessages and other instant messenger chats.

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Price: It has got two subscription packages. Pros: With the finite set of features this app makes the user satisfy with the resulted monitoring reports. Also it has got an easy to use online web control board where all the spying results are stored for your reference.

They provide the full support in jailbreaking the device and then installing the software. Also look for the good customer assistance to obtain the perfect results from the selected spy software.

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Apple tends to be a leader in the technology world. They seem to come out with the latest and greatest, while others trail behind. However, there is one process Apple was not happy about because it jeopardizes their control over their infamous iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The process is called jailbreak, and it takes out the limitations of the operating system that is installed on the Apple products.

When this is preformed, users are removing the restrictions that Apple has placed on their devices. The owner can now download apps and other content from different means other than the Apple store. Jailbreaking a device gives a lot of possibilities, but it also brings along a lot of issues that are worrisome to the user. This is why the process is not highly recommended because security and privacy become an issue. Parents who have children often want to ensure their device usage is monitored correctly, but they are not willing to do the risky process of jailbreaking their Apple devices to do this.

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Note: PhoneSheriff Investigator has been discontinued. It is one of the best and advanced app for surveillance. The app is not required to be installed on the target device rather you will need access via iCloud credentials. The features of iOS can't be used for real-time monitoring. You have to access the target device every time, in order to get updated data. FlexiSPY is another iPhone spy app no jailbreak. This is one of the oldest spy apps that are still in the circulation. There is also remote photo and video capture features available. The app requires jailbreaking for the target iPhone which is time-consuming and requires completing more technical knowledge.

Another big name among spy apps designed for iOS and Android devices as well. This is an advanced application that provides both advanced and basic features. It is quick and monitors device activity seamlessly, including call and SMS tracking. For non-jailbroken devices supports 6. Although iOS is one of the most secure OS in the world, these 6 apps are capable of breaking through that security and provide you with a seamless spying experience.

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  6. If you are an Android user, your best choice is KidsGuard Pro. Unfortunately, there is only Android version available for now.

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