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Where have they been? With Footprints, you can track your kids and share locations with family and friends, anytime, privately. It all happens automatically, whether your phone is in your hand or in your pocket. All in a beautifully clear and simple interface. Now, parents can keep track of their children's whereabouts and see where they have been, couples can know that their loved ones arrived safely at their destination, friends can locate each other, and even managers can find and keep track of employees in the field.

Footprints tracks and shares locations automatically — in real time, all the time. And it does it privately. It's really different from other apps that simply show the current location or require some kind of manual operation to share locations. With Footprints, you can set up Geofences, like your kids school, and be notified when these fences are crossed. This is also handy if your phone is ever lost or stolen.

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Caroline Picard. Once you set up the Family Sharing, you can request your family members to join. How to invite group members to join Family Sharing? Any iPhone user can enable the Family Sharing feature on their device.

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But, as a family organizer, you can create an Apple ID for them to allow the child to join the family group and use Family Sharing. To set up a family group on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, follow the steps: 1. Tap Family Sharing. Tap Add Family Member. Then adhere to onscreen instructions. For iOS 11 or later, decide whether you want to send an invitation via Messages or invite a family member in person. Follow the instructions that appear. To invite a family member on your Mac, follow the instructions: 1. Click iCloud and Manage Family. If your family member is near you, they can provide their Apple ID password to accept the invitation on your device.

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But they can also join the group on their device. If you own several Apple IDs in iTunes, you can add each of the accounts to the family group. You will be able to share purchases from several IDs with your family. How to check whether a family member accepted the invitation? You can see the invitation status, once it is sent. To check the invitation status on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, go to Settings.

Tap your Apple ID. Then tap Family Sharing.

If you want to view the status on your Mac, select your Apple menu. Here, move to System Preferences and click Manage Family. Click Resend the invitation, if you need to make sure the request is sent. If you agree to share your location, your family member will always be able to locate your device.

To enable location sharing, go to Settings. Here tap your Apple ID and then iCloud. Turn on Share My Location.

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Since the location sharing is enabled, your family will be able to find you with Find My iPhone app. It is also easy to track an iPhone on iCloud.

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You can track your device as well as the device of your any family member. If your device is not near, open the browser on your computer and go to iCloud. Here, select Find My iPhone and locate it.