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Although there is a certain elegance in just denying wrongdoing — It never happened! Wherever you are in your journey through the Valley of Suck, you report on your accomplishments.

Will telling the truth help or hurt your relationship?

Dear Chump Lady, How do I get past the feeling that divorcing him is going to be the consequence that actually propels him to change? We live in a small town and I imagine having to see him, new and improved, with someone else will kill me. Thanks for exposing me to harsh realities.

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  6. What NOT to do. Ask Chump Lady. Admin July 9, no comments. Going for a trip with family and friends and taking a lot of images have become the latest trend.


    Flaunting them on social media is the next step. Admin January 31, no comments.

    Well, you are in the right place then. Admin January 14, no comments. Nowadays running a relation may take a lot of patience and support. As we all want our relation to work good and we can rely our future on it.

    Woman cheated, humiliated by groom in their own wedding

    Admin December 10, no comments. We all know that the internet is filled with chat rooms.

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    That is why millions of people in the world are addicted to Smartphones. But do you know about the dangers abound within internet land? If yes, then you must have heard about online infidelity cyber affair.

    The Six Signs of a Cheating Spouse

    Admin September 5, no comments. Every man wants to know the secrets to capture the heart of his woman because it gives them a sense of empowerment and a boost in self-confidence. Even the power of curiosity reflects in their eyes while at work or at home. Admin August 7, no comments.