Can galaxy s7 read text messages

It is not a read report, but only a delivery report.

Read text messages

We tell you here how you can turn on the delivery report for text messages on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Open from the home screen the menu and then the Android settings. Scrolls here down to "Applications" and tap on the entry. Right at the beginning you will find the "delivery reports" option. I use blue tooth constantly for control of my hearing aids as well as phone calls. Do I have to change phones to get rid of this annoying app?

I have disabled the driving mode feature several times, and it periodically just enables itself. What am I doing wrong??

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My escape would read my text messages. Stupid and dangerous. I disable car mode every half hour or so. And then it comes back on. Have to pick phone up and hit play. I think Samsung should offer a fix. This is one of the most annoying features I have ever had to deal with. Verizon keeps simply turning it off and for some reason it keeps mysteriously turning itself back on.

I had to upgrade from a Note 7 which I loved but had a recall. I like this phone but that feature stinks. I am still trying to kill the feature but no success yet. It is due to a bluetooth issue which is my watch.

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I hate this annoying feature. I admire your concern for safe driving, but I have to disable it 10 times a day.

Super annoying that you have to disable it all the time. I hate it. Can anyone help? There is a way around it you just have to use the normal messenger instead of the Verizon messenger. I need my driving mode on the 7 edge. You can stop it. Do most of the above, but instead of clicking Driving Mode, click Settings, then click driving mode.

Then unpair your devices. Then go down and turn off driving mode notifications. That should do it. I contacted Samsung and they said you cannot permanently disable driving mode.

Samsung Galaxy S7

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