Mobile spy iphone 7 vs galaxy s8+

Like design, Apple has long had the jump on the competition when it comes to certain software elements. While it remains untouched when it comes to speedy update rollouts, the Galaxy S8's new Android-skinning Samsung UX has the iPhone 7's iOS 10 efforts matched for simplicity, elegance and ease of use. Where the S8, like so many Android handsets, has the iPhone 7 beat, however, are with its customisation updates. With Apple's phone you can change your wallpaper and But the S8 lets you turn this into a phone that's truly yours, with customisable widgets able to be added at will and bespoke shortcuts giving you unique control of your device.

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What's more, Samsung's new voice assistant, Bixby, is able to offer a deeper feature dive than Apple's Siri. The iPhone 7 is a phenomenal phone. A device that won't leave you wanting while on the move. The Samsung Galaxy S8, however, is more than that. Yes, it's a brilliant phone first and foremost, but it's also a device with variety to its skills. Plug the phone into the stylish, pebble-shaped dock, and your phone will sync up with a monitor as well as a wireless keyboard and mouse. Thanks to some clever software skills that see the S8 feature a desktop mode, the phone can now double as a home computer.

As well as giving you big-screen access to all of your smartphone-hosted apps, DeX gives you PC-level access to some of your services, such as Microsoft Word, Google Chrome and your email client. What's more, thanks to Amazon Services, you can even run a virtual desktop through your phone, giving you access to, say, your office's Windows 10 machine while at home. As an added bonus, out of dock mode, the phone can also use screen mirroring to show 4K videos on the biggest screens in your home.

There's also wireless charging skills.


That's not particularly versatile, but it is another kick in the teeth for iPhone owners. Want up- to -the-minute entertainment news and features?

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Remote Control With smartphones being often lost or stolen, information theft is getting quite common. The Best Way to Monitor Your Cell Phone or Tablet In the hand, the red aluminium finish is brighter than you might expect even from the photos, and wraps around its back, leaving a ruby border around its white face. The last update was made on August 5. The Seoul-based electronics juggernaut described the new commitment as yet another step in its efforts to continue driving sustainable growth, both […].

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Take your pick.

Dell Quietly Launches Two New Chromebook 11 Models A total of three purchase options are now available for two separate takes on an The most obvious of […]. The battle for mobility is complicated, involving hardware, software, user experience, and the entire ecosystem of apps and connected devices.

Choosing a phone, therefore, requires buyers to make a complex series of decisions and tradeoffs. The three dominant mobile operating system players -- Apple, Google, and Microsoft -- feed this decision-making beast by creating their own ecosystems. Mail services, app stores, smart watches, user experience, and the like draw users in and create entanglements that make it hard to switch from one operating system to another. Given these pieces, my decision to evaluate the new Galaxy S8 required real commitment.

Mobile spy iphone 7 vs galaxy s8

Here are the key dimensions I used to assess the Samsung phone. Bear in mind this is not a full review, but an explanation of attributes that seduced my attention:. Although it's hard to separate some of these items into discrete points, let's examine each in turn and compare the Apple iPhone 7 Plus against the Samsung Galaxy S8. The iPhone 7 Plus is a big deal It's tall and wide with large bezels at the top and bottom and smaller ones on each size.

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However, because the bezels are smaller on the Galaxy S8, the screen is virtually the same height as that on the iPhone 7 Plus, as you can see in the photo below. The Samsung physical design is a brilliant example of form following function, based on technological advances. Apple is definitely behind the curve here. Apple is certainly aware of the screen size issue. As ZDNet has reported , one of the most persistent rumors for the iPhone 8 is a virtual home button, which presumably would function similar to that on the Samsung.

Based on my use, both phones are fast enough for business users, although raw speed is hard to measure without specialized tests. There was one significant difference I discovered, however. The Samsung seems to pick up weaker WiFi signals better than the Apple. For business people, this is important because it can make the difference between maintaining an active connection or not.

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The Galaxy S8 screen also has higher resolution than even the larger iPhone 7 Plus.